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To SURVIVE, we must: drink, eat, move and sleep in a warm and clean enough place. Medical support may help too.

LifeTweak takes you beyond “Surviving” though. We also help you THRIVE.

Stop being victim of an unsatisfactory or even horrifically grim life. The key change is YOU. Care for your whole self is key. It’s not unreasonably selfish. It’s a no-brainer to start with YOU, then help others and your environment. LifeTweak helps you do that. There’s info on diet, excercise and mental wellbeing. It doesn’t replace professional advice. It gives a framework though and inspiration to develop and THRIVE.

The Author:

I’ve had a 25 year therapy career, earned a degree in theology and youthwork. I also have qualifications in electronics, drug missuse and health/hygeine. I enjoy water activities and creating art/ music. My awesome partner is Sally and my fantastic sons are Matthew, Gavin & Blake. Time with any of them is always a privalege. I got a buzz when I helped any of them. I aim to help you here too.

Take a chance. Maybe LifeTweak = THRIVE.

LifeTweak, began in 2016 after I experienced severe trauma. I focused then on what I had, instead of loss. I had relationships, health and much insight from a therapy career.